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SMC SMCWTK-G EU, EZ Connect g Wireless Traveler’s Kit

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SMCWTK-G is another innovative solution brought to you by SMC. It is the industry's
first compact All-in-One device that fits in a convenient easy-to-carry case. The new
product offers 5 different modes: Access Point, Ethernet Bridge, Repeater, Point-to-
Point Bridging, and Point-to-Multipoint Bridging.
The new EZ Connect™ g 802.11g Wireless Traveler's Kit is the perfect business traveler's
companion. Imagine checking into your hotel room with broadband connection after a
long day's trip, plug in your SMCWTK-G as your Personal Access Point, you can now
enjoy and relax at your bed or sofa in your room to check email or surf the Internet.
When you are at home or at your office, the new product can be used as an Ethernet
Bridge that instantly converts any Ethernet device, such as a gaming console, printer,
set-top box, point-of-sale terminal, desktop or laptop computer into a wireless network
device. The new product does not require installing any drivers. Simply plug it
into your Ethernet device and your Ethernet device will become wireless! It is able to
communicate in Ad-Hoc mode (Peer-to-Peer) with another 802.11b/g wireless client or
in Infrastructure mode, which requires an Access Point for communication to the
wired network. This means you now have the freedom to place your printer anywhere
in the home or office or to play games with multiple players over a wireless connection
without the constraint of messy cabling.
SMCWTK-G can also be configured to operate as a Repeater via support for Wireless
Distribution System (WDS). Thus allowing you to connect your 802.11b and/or 802.11g
clients to the wireless network or extend the coverage of your WLAN in your home or
office by simply placing additional SMCWTK-G in the desired locations. The Repeater
capability of SMCWTK-G forwards wireless signal between a wireless client and another
SMCWTK-G that is connected to the wired network. It extends the range of your existing
wireless network while overcoming obstacles that block wireless signals such as walls and
doors. The new SMCWTK-G is the ultimate convenient way to expand your wireless local
area network.
In cases where you need to bridge two networks together, the SMCWTK-G's Point-to-
Point and Point-to-Multipoint Bridging functions is an ideal solution. Whether you
need to connect your network in the garage to the main house, or to connect two
areas across a large warehouse together, all you need is to put one unit of SMCWTK-G
at each end. That way the networks are wirelessly connected without the need of
expensive cabling.
To ensure secure transmissions across your wireless network, users can enable
64/128-bit Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP), Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA), disable
SSID broadcast, and MAC address filtering. In addition, the new SMCWTK-G 802.11g
Wireless Traveler's Kit is easy and simple to install. It is Plug-and-Play and platform
The SMCWTK-G brings you an unparalleled level of mobility and
versatility in reliable and cost-effective wireless networking!