Option GlobeTrotter Express 7.2 Broadband Wireless Data Card

Option GlobeTrotter Express 7.2 Broadband Wireless Data Card

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Wireless DSL-like speed up to 7.2 Mbps
• Future-proof slim-line ExpressCard design (34 mm width)
• Worldwide connectivity by Multi-standard (HSDPA, UMTS, EDGE
and GPRS) and Multi-bands support
• Faster and more stable connectivity with two antennas and
Advanced Receiver Technology
• Plug 'n Play through Zero-CD
• Compatibility assured with legacy PC's: optional Compact Cardbus-
ExpressCard Converter

About GlobeTrotter
(Models: GE 201 / GE 202)
The GlobeTrotter EXPRESS 7.2 gives you Option's proven performance and
reliability in the new ExpressCard/34 format. Within its compact form we
provide a multi-band, multi-technology receiver offering the best receiver
speeds available today.
The unique fold-out antenna increases reliability in weak signal areas and
is part of our Advanced Receiver Technology (ART) package, bringing the
benefits of Receive Diversity and Receive Equalization. Both are essential for
getting maximum performance in today's hostile radio environment.
Backward compatibility ensures HSDPA connections at lower data rates of
3.6 Mbps and 1.8 Mbps. The wireless data card has inherent support for
3G operation at 384 Kbps in conjunction with quad-band EDGE and GPRS.
Optionally, the GlobeTrotter
7.2 can be supplied with our Compact
Cardbus-ExpressCard/34 Converter ensuring compatibility and peak perform-
ance for laptops equipped with a Cardbus interface.
The GlobeTrotter EXPRESS 7.2 uses Option's Zero-CD
Applications, manuals and drivers are distributed and installed immediately
when the GlobeTrotter
7.2 is inserted for the first time.
There is no need for CD installation or bulky printed book, GlobeTrotter
EXPRESS 7.2 is a truly unique Plug 'n Play solution.


Worldwide coverage through triple-band HSDPA /
UMTS, quad-band EDGE

Multimode HSDPA
GSM card

Advanced Receiver Technology incorporating Receiver Diversity and Equalization

Zero-CD™ Plug 'n Play technology

Provides HSDPA and UMTS High-speed data (up to 7.2 Mbps) connectivity for mobile users

Provides EDGE
GSM data (up to 247 Kbps) connectivity

Transparent hand-over between UMTS and GSM
EDGE networks

Compatible with nearly all popular notebook PC's equipped with ExpressCard/34 card slot

Optional Cardbus-ExpressCard Converter

Securely access corporate resources with its transparent support for IPSec and VPN technology

PCSC-driver for EAP-SIM and other 3-party applications in need of a Smart Card Interface

Supports third party applications that provide Video Telephony (3GPP 3G-324M, H.324, H264 Baseline Video), SIP, SMS, IM, MMS,
Internet and e-mail

Comprehensively tested on infrastructures and networks worldwide

Future proofing through Flash Memory technology

UMTS Air Interface:

2100 MHz

3GPP FDD compliant, up to 7.2 Mbps Peak Rate

UE Power Class 3

High Speed packet-switched data:

Support for UMTS QoS traffic classes

Support for PPP, IP transparent and non-transparent modes

Circuit-switched data Single-RAB streaming: 64, 57.6, 28.8 and
14.4 Kbps

Dual antenna Receiver Diversity

GE 201: EMEA variant supporting diversity on 2100 MHz

GE 202
: World variant supporting diversity on 850 and 1900 MHz

Receiver Equalisation

GSM Air Interface:

1900 MHz

EDGE Power Class E2, GSM Power Class 1 at 1800
1900 MHz
and Power Class 4 at 850 /
900 MHz; coding scheme UL &
DL – CS 1-4, MCS 1-9

Packet-switched data:

Multislot (E)GPRS Class 12, (E)GPRS Class B Type 1 MT

Streaming, Background and Interactive QoS Classes

Circuit-switched data: 14.4, 12.2 and 9.6 kbps

Terminal Equipment Interfaces:

Drivers: Windows
2000 Pro, Personal and XP Pro / Home, Vista
and MAC OS X.

A PCSC compatible driver, compliant with ISO 7816 and 3GPP

SIM-ME interface as specified in 3GPP GSM TS11.11 and GSM
11.12 and in compliance with ISO 7816

SIM Application toolkit capable SIM to 3GPP GSM TS11.14

NDIS or Standard modem emulation for compatibility with terminal
programs / diallers and for use with proprietary operating systems
AT Interface 3GPP TS27.005, ATD*99# and ATD*99***<CID>#

Multiple communication ports for simultaneous data call and
network coverage reports

Hardware specifications
Card Type: ExpressCard/34

Miniature External Antenna Connection

Red LED for GSM
EDGE and blue LED for HSDPA

SIM card interface compliant with 3GPP 31.101 and 31.102
supporting 1.8 and 3V UICCs

Environmental Operating temperature: 0 to + 55°C

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Option GlobeTrotter Express 7.2 Broadband Wireless Data Card
Option GlobeTrotter Express 7.2 Broadband Wireless Data Card

14,40 €

12 € bez DPH

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