NETGEAR zetera Storage Central Turbo SC101T, NAS, bez diskov, konektor RJ45 Ethernet

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Affordable, Shareable, Turbo Gigabit Speed
• Access your storage at gigabit speeds
• Network storage appears as a letter drive on your PCs
• Disk Mirroring ensures valuable data will not be lost
• Continue to upgrade your storage capacity easily
• Advanced backup and synchronization software from SmartSync™ is included
NETGEAR's Storage Central Turbo is a flexible, upgradeable way to store your music,
photos and videos—and access them at gigabit speeds. Simply insert one or two 3.5-inch SATA
drives of any capacity from any vendor (sold separately) into Storage Central Turbo, connect it to
any router or switch, and Smart Wizard takes care of the configuration. It functions just like a local
disk drive, accessible from any network computer, but without requiring a dedicated PC. Advanced
backup and synchronization software protects against data loss automatically with mirroring. And
as your storage needs grow, Storage Central Turbo keeps pace by letting you upgrade with larger
capacity SATA drives—and even additional Storage Central Turbo devices.
•Set Up
—Just slide in one or two 3.5" Serial ATA (SATA) disk drives of any capacity.
—Connect Storage Central to any router or switch, then configure with Smart Wizard™.
•Sharing—Access files from any PC on your network by installing the utility; Storage Central
functions like a local disk drive.
•Data—Automatically duplicates your valuable files.
•Advanced backup
and synchronization software from SmartSync included.
—Ensures no one can access your sensitive files but you.
•Mirrored volumes
—Makes real-time copies of your valuable data on two separate hard drives,
ensuring maximum protection against data loss.
•Move files
—Enjoy gigabit speeds to move the largest files quickly.
•Infinite capacity
—Storage can be expanded indefinitely, keeping pace with all of your future
storage needs

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