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Plug-and-Play Desktop Switch for Home Users
The ES-105E 5-Port Desktop Fast Ethernet Switch with five Fast Ethernet ports, provides you to connect the multiple network devices by simply plug-and-play for extending the home network. You can effortlessly share the Internet and enjoy online gaming, media streaming, or web surfing with their friends and family

Easy extension of home network
The ES-105E offers a simple solution to fulfill your online gaming, multimedia transferring and streaming needs. With just plug and play, users can easily connect network devices such as PCs, network storages and print servers to the home network without manual configuration.

With the Nway auto-negotiation function, the ES-105E connects to its network counterparts with the highest possible speed and activates full-duplex mode automatically, while the store-and-forward service brings low latency and error-free packet delivery

Compact design
The Zyxel ES-105E comes with 5 Fast Ethernet ports designed for easy home network extension, while the compact design also fits into any home environment easily. The optional wall-mount installation also helps you to free up the room space

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