Cisco Linksys SPA2102 Phone Adapter with Router VoIP

Cisco Linksys SPA2102 Phone Adapter with Router VoIP

Cisco Linksys SPA2102 Phone Adapter with Router VoIP

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Linksys SPA2102 VoIP Adapter

The Linksys SPA2102 features two POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) ports to connect existing analog phones, fax machines, or to a PBX system. The Linksys SPA2102 includes 2 100BaseT RJ45 Ethernet interfaces (LAN-WAN) to connect to a home or office LAN, as well as an Ethernet connection to a broadband modem or router (WAN). Each Linksys SPA2102 service line can be independently configured via software controlled by the service provider or the end user.

Linksys SPA2102 VoIP Adapter Overview

The Linksys SPA2102 delivers clear, high-quality voice communication in diverse network conditions. Excellent voice quality in a demanding IP network is consistently achieved via our advanced implementation of standard voice coding algorithms. The SPA2102 is interoperable with common telephony equipment like voicemail, Fax, PBX, and interactive voice response systems.

Linksys SPA2102 Features and Functions
The Linksys SPA2102 offers all the key features and capabilities with which service providers can provide customized services to their subscribers. The SPA2102 can be remotely provisioned and supports dynamic, in-service software upgrades. A secure profile upload saves providers the time, expense and hassle of managing and pre-configuring or re-configuring customer premise equipment (CPE) for deployment. Linksys understands that security for both end users and service providers is a fundamental requirement for a solid, carrier-grade telephony service. The Linksys SPA2102 supports secure, encryption-based methods for communication, provisioning and servicing.

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