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Intel PRO/100 S Desktop Adapter

Intel PRO/100 S Desktop Adapter

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PCI sieťová karta Intel PRO/100 S Desktop Adapter

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Network Speed and Security
The Intel
PRO/100 S Desktop Adapter
represents the next generation of Fast
Ethernet desktop connections. Maintain
high performance on managed PC networks
while offering accelerated LAN security to
preserve performance on IPSec-enabled networks.
The Intel PRO/100 S Desktop Adapter is designed for
2000 networks running IPSec, but is flexible
enough to run in Windows 98 and Windows NT
using Intel
Packet Protect II software. The Intel PRO/100 S
Desktop Adapter is a member of the industry's first complete family of security adapters that
protect data for all of your systems without sacrificing performance – mobile, server, and desktop.
Ease of Management
The Intel PRO/100 S Desktop Adapter supports the latest Wired for Management (WfM)
specification to w
ork with PC management applications from the leading software vendors.
Advanced management features, such as Wake on LAN
and Intel
Boot Agent, help reduce
IT support costs by providing remote management capabilities.
The Intelligent Way to Connect

technology offers a single suite of drivers for Intel
PRO/100 Network
Adapters, adopted by many of the world's leading PC and server suppliers, simplifying
installation and maintenance. In addition, these adapters are compatible with all major
network operating systems. From Intel SingleDriver technology to standards-based security
features, Intel
Network Adapters really are
the intelligent way to connect
PRO/100 S
Desktop Adapter
Fast, managed 10/100 connections with accelerated L AN security

High-performance LAN Security

Encryption Offloading

82550 Fast Ethernet Controller
with Integrated Security Co-processor

Windows* 2000 Optimization, IPSec Support

Packet Protect Software

3DES (168 bit) Encryption
Advanced Management Capabilities

Wired for Management (WfM) 2.0 Enabled

Wake on LAN* and Desktop Management
Interface (DMI) 2.0

Pre-installed Intel
Boot Agent

Tivoli* Agents

ACPI Compliant

PROSet II Utility
Standards-based Networking



Supports All Major OSs and NOSs

Backward Compatible

Protection and Performance

Adapter offloads IPSec encryption/decryption from PC,
conserving CPU resources for greater network performance

Combines network functions and encryption offloading into
single-chip solution for improved performance and reliability

Improves performance of IPSec functionality in Windows
2000 operating systems through encryption offloading

Adds IPSec functionality to Windows NT* and
Windows 98 systems

Provides highest level of encryption widely available for
data protection
Ease IT Administration and Reduce Support Costs

Remote management across platforms

Remote troubleshooting and asset management

Deploy and upgrade PCs remotely

Fast, easy access to management applications

Reduced power consumption

Windows utility for easy setup
Widespread Compatibility

Common set of drivers across Intel
10/100 network
simplifies setup and maintenance, and decreases
driver conflicts among new and legacy systems

Compatible with your environment as your network evolves

Integrates with existing Intel
network adapters and
network-ready PCs with Intel
Fast Ethernet technology

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