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Dell 8W007-A01

Dell 8W007-A01

Dell 8W007-A01 CDRW/DVD Combo

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Výrobca: Dell

Dell 24x CD-RW and 8x DVD-ROM Notebook Combo Drive

General Features:
Silver bezel
2 MB buffer
IDE/ATAPI interface
24x CD-R write speed
24x CD-RW re-write speed
8x DVD-ROM read speed
24x CD-ROM read speed
Compatible with Dell Latitude D-Family and X300 Notebooks
Running OPC gives a flatter writing signal that improves reliability
Automatic buffer underrun error protection technology
3.6 MBps average data transfer rate
Supports UDF for easy writing to CD-RW discs
110 ms CD-ROM average access time
120 ms DVD-ROM average access time

Compatible Systems:
Dell Latitude D400
Dell Latitude D500
Dell Latitude D505
Dell Latitude D600
Dell Latitude D800
Dell Latitude X300
Dell Inspiron 8500
Dell Inspiron 8600
Dell Inspiron 9100
Dell Inspiron 300M
Dell Inspiron 500M
Dell Inspiron 510M
Dell Inspiron 600M
Inspiron 8500, 8600, 9100, 300m, 500m, 600m
Front Panel Features:
LED activity indicator
Eject/Load button
Emergency eject hole

Rear Panel Features:
IDE interface

Writing Formats:
DAO (Disc at once)
TAO (Track at once)
SAO (Session at once)
Packet Writing (Variable, Fixed Packet)