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Toshiba Portégé 7020CT - IPII 366, 128MB, 6GB HDD, DVD, FDD, 13.3" XGA + Dock PA2722U

Toshiba Portégé 7020CT - IPII 366, 128MB, 6GB HDD, DVD, FDD, 13.3" XGA + Dock PA2722U

Trieda A

Retro Notebook Toshiba Portégé 7020CT - IPII 366 (Dixon), 128MB, 6GB HDD, DVD, FDD, 13.3" XGA + Dock PA2722U

240 € s DPH

200 €

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skladom: 1 ks

Výrobca: Toshiba

Notebook Specification:

Intel® Mobile Pentium® II processor, 366MHz (1.6V)
Integrated co-processor
32KB internal cache
Integrated (into CPU) 256KB L2 cache
Data/address Bus Width: 64-bit/32-bit
66MHz Front Side Bus
Type: SO-DIMM Synchronous DRAM, 3.3V, 9ns
Capacity: 128MB, expandable to 192MB
One internal memory expansion slot available
APM V1.2; ACPI V1.0; PnP V1.0a; VESA V2.0; DPMS;
System Architecture
PCI Bus V2.1: Intel 440DX system chipset
Hard Disk
6.4 billion byte Ultra DMA33, 2.5"
9.5 mm height
13ms average access time
Supports Ultra DMA33, DMA Mode 2, and PIO Mode
Diskette Drive
Standard 3.5", 1.44MB (external)
Connects via diskette drive connector
Via optional CD orDVD Network Dock or external PC
card CD-ROM
CD Network Dock: 24x max speed
130ms average access time
3,600KB/s maximum data transfer rate
DVD Network Dock: 2x max speed (DVD-ROM)
160ms average access time
2,704KB/s maximum data transfer rate
256-bit NeoMagic™ 2200 Multimedia Graphics
2.5MB Integrated SGRAM Video Memory
PCI local bus with BusMaster (33MHz)
DVD Audio/Video
Built-in hardware MPEG-2 module: Region 1 DVDVideo and DVD decoder with Playback DVD MPEG2 video and Dolby Digital® AC3 (5.1 channel) audio
Video Ports
SVGA and Composite Video Out (NTSC/PAL) via
optional DVD Network Dock
TFT active matrix color display
13.3" diagonal, up to 16M colors at 1024 x 768
External Color Support
16M colors:
1024 x 768 , 800 x 600, 640 x 480 @ 85Hz NonInterlaced external mode;
1024 x 768 @ 60Hz simultaneous mode
64K colors:
1024 x 768 , 800 x 600, 640 x 480 @ 85Hz NonInterlaced external mode;
1024 x 768 @ 60Hz simultaneous mode
256 colors:
1024 x 768 , 800 x 600, 640 x 480 @ 85Hz NonInterlaced external mode;
1024 x 768 @ 60Hz simultaneous mode
ESS ES1928 and software-enabled Wavetable
synthesis sound, Windows Sound System V2.0,
DirectSound, Direct3DSound
16-bit stereo, .WAV and Sound Blaster® Pro
compatible, MIDI playback
Full-duplex sound support
Built-in speaker and Microphone (monaural),
Headphone and Microphone port
Manual Volume Control
Built-in ITU v.90/K56flex™ data/fax/voice modem with
DSVD, personal video conferencing (V.80) and V.34
Supports speakerphone, telephone answering
machine, incoming call discrimination, and Ring
wake-up resume function
RJ-11 port
Full sized 84 keys with 12 function keys
3mm travel
Windows® 95 keys
Integrated AccuPoint™ pointing device
Two PC Card slots support two Type II or one Type III
PC Cards; 32-bit CardBus ready
SVGA video port
Integrated external diskette drive connector
Fast infrared port (4Mbps, IrDA V1.1 compliant)
PS/2™ mouse/keyboard port (Y-connector
Universal Serial Bus (USB) port
ECP parallel port**
High speed serial port (16550 UART compatible)**
RJ-11 modem port
Port Expander Module port
240 pin docking connector
**via standard Port Expander Module
Optional CD or DVD Network Dock
10/100BaseT Ethernet (Intel chipset)
System Management: Wake-On-LAN, Alert-On-LAN,
and Remote Service Boot
RJ-45 network port
Integrated Diskette Drive
DVD-ROM, 2,704KB/s max transfer rate (for DVD
Network Dock only)
CD-ROM, 3,600KB/s max transfer rate (for CD
Network Dock only)
2 USB Ports
2 Stereo Speakers
2 Acoustic Sound Chambers
ECP parallel port
High speed serial port (16550 UART compatible)
PS/2 Mouse port
PS/2 Keyboard port
SVGA video port
Composite Video Out (NTSC/PAL)
Line-in, Line-out
Manual Volume Control
Cable lock slot
Dimensions (LxWxH)
11.6" x 9.5" x 1.1" (0.9" front)
4.17 lbs
Power Supply
45W Autosensing External AC Adapter
100-240V input voltage
50-60Hz frequency
4.9" (L) x 1" (H) x 2.46" (W), 0.66 lbs
Rechargeable, removable Lithium-Ion battery (10.8V,
2+ hours battery life
2.5+ hour recharge time
Optional High Capacity battery (Lithium Ion) doubles
battery life (10.8V, 5,000mAh)
Battery life may vary depending on applications, power
management settings and features utilized. Recharge time
varies depending on usage. Battery does not charge while
computer is consuming full power.
System Management
DMI 2.0 BIOS Support with asset tag capability
Intel® LANDesk® Client Manager 3.3
SMS Connect for DMI BIOS integration
Wired for Management V1.1a enabled, support for
Wake-On-LAN™, Alert-On-LAN, and Remote
Service Boot with optional CD or DVD Network
Dock; ACPI power management; DMI 2.0 BIOS
Toshiba Configuration Builder CD- customized
software image tool to reduce image creation time
Year 2000 Compliance: NSTL Hardware Tested
Power-on password (2-level password support)
HDD access password
Eject from docking password
Main system memory and hard disk drive security
screws included
Cable lock slot
Environmental Specifications
Operating: 5O to 35O C (41O to 95O F)
Non-operating: -20O to 65O C (-4O to 149O F)
Thermal gradient: 20O C per hour maximum
Relative Humidity:
Operating: 20% to 80% non-condensing
Non-operating: 10% to 90% non-condensing
Altitude (relative to sea level):
Operating: -60m to 3,000m (-197' to 9,842')
Non-operating: -60m to 10,000m (-197' to 32,808')
Operating: 10G (11ms), 1.5G docked in CD or DVD
Network Dock
Non-operating: 60G (66ms), 50G docked in CD or
DVD Network Dock
Operating: 0.5G, 0.25G docked in CD or DVD
Network Dock
Non-operating: 1G, 1G docked in CD or DVD
Network Dock
Part Number
PAP702U-T2W8 Portégé 7020CT – Windows 98
pre-install with dual linked Windows 98/95
Configuration Builder CD
PAP702U-T2N4 Portégé 7020CT – Windows NT
KTT-8000/32 32MB SDRAM memory upgrade
KTT-8000/64 64MB SDRAM memory upgrade
KTT-8000/128 128MB SDRAM memory upgrade
PA 2450U Universal AC Adapter
PA2505U Battery Pack (primary Lithium Ion)
PA2506UR High Capacity Battery Pack
PA2508U Battery Charger
NWCC57830 Portege Business Attache (black)
PA2722U DVD Network Dock
PA2723U CD Network Dock
ST24CDR PORT-Noteworthy® PC Card CD-ROM
PA2669U External floppy disk drive

Docking Station for Toshiba Portege 7000CT series, docking base with built in DVD CD ROM and Ethernet card


2 USB Ports, 1 Parallel Port, 1 Serial Port
2 PS/2 Keyboard/Mouse Ports
2 PS/2 Keyboard/Mouse Ports
DVD DRIVE (reads DVD Disks and CD-ROM Disks), Floppy Disk Drive
One 10/100 Mbps Ethernet port (RJ-45)
Audio Ports (Line in, Line Out, Microphone, and Headphones) and Volume Control
Video (VGA – connects to an external monitor)
Video (RCA – connects to a television)

compatible with the following models:
Toshiba Portege:
7000, 7000CT, 7010CT, 7015CT, 7020CT, 7040CT

Trieda: A
Uhlopriečka: 13"
Operačný systém (COA štítok): Bez OS
Počet jadier CPU: 1
Procesor: Intel Pentium M
Model CPU: Mobile Intel® Pentium® II Processor 366 MHz, 256K Cache, 66 MHz FSB
Rozlíšenie: 1024x768 XGA 4:3
Podsvietenie displeja: CCFL
Typ displeja: Matný
Dotykový displej: Nie
Typ pamäte: SDR
Typ grafickej karty: Integrovaná
Grafická karta: NeoMagic MagicMedia 256AV
Grafické výstupy: VGA, S-Video
Typ pevného disku: PATA HDD
Mechanika: DVD-ROM
Webkamera: Nie
WiFi: Nie
Bluetooth: Nie
Numerická klávesnica: Nie
USB: 3x
LAN: Áno
Čítačka kariet: Nie
Audio: Áno
Sériový, COM, RS232 port: Áno
Paralelný port (LPT): Áno
IEEE1394 FireWire: Nie
eSATA: Nie